Lesson 1: How to work with this?

project will make use of cutting-edge technologies, actually on the market frontiers, that range from specialized robots and mobile devices, to interactive whiteboards, and push them forward to a greater integration into the market. Doing so, and at the same time having the “ICT use in Education”-market in mind, MaTHiSiS will create a whole new educationalecosystem-as-a-product, seamlessly adaptable to specific needs (whether these term as financial (low school budget) or educational). The project, committed to openness as a mean to foster new markets and speed-up their social adaptation, will provide an open and freely distributed sub system to the community (tutors, caregivers, programmers, educational researchers, e-learning SMEs etc.). The sub-system ranges from Open APIs to specialized graphical editor-like tools that are suitable for creating a vast range of educational materials, and which are also capable of shaping the project concept to different but related markets.